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Jarvis 純 EarnshawAddress & Phone Number will be disclosed without delay upon request Email: Head of Operations: Jarvis 純 EarnshawAdditional Fees: 送料: $11まで300円、$12~$20まで600円、$21以上1100円Exchanges & Returns Policy 返品に関する情報:<Returns and exchanges requested by customers>Items before shipping: You can cancel your order by pressing the cancel button on the website.Items after shipping: Unopened items can be refunded or exchanged for items of equal or lesser value only if you contact the customer support center (+81 70 26381869) within 11 days of the arrival of the item. We do not accept returns or exchanges of items after opening.<Returns and exchanges for defective goods and services>Please contact the customer support center (+81 7026381869). We will refund or exchange with new products with no additional shipping cost.Delivery Times: Orders will be processed within 3 business days. Tracking number will be provided if applicable Accepted Payment Methods: All Major Credit Cards, PayPay, PayPal or via Bank transferCredit card payments are processed immediately, while local bank transfers must be sent within 3 days of the date of order.Price: Amounts displayed with each individual item.御不明な点が有りましたら御連絡下さい。御理解と御協力宜しくお願いします。有り難う御座います!

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